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Birthdate:Sep 1
Location:California, United States of America
Website:Swan Tower
Friending policy: You don't need to ask whether you can friend me; I don't object unless you're a scary stalker-type, and if you're a scary stalker-type, you're probably not going to ask anyway. I may or may not friend you back, depending on a number of factors, one of which is whether my friends list has gotten too huge to keep up with. :-) Do leave a comment somewhere introducing yourself, though; I like to know whether you're a reader of my fiction, someone I met at a con, a friend of a friend, someone I know in my daily life but don't recognize from the profile page, etc.

Moderation policy: I reserve the right to moderate comments as I deem necessary to keep things civil. This means I may delete or disemvowel comments, freeze threads, or ban users if needed; less stringently, I may warn people to knock it off. Behaviors that may get you moderated include but are not limited to: threats of death or violence (including rape), ad hominem attacks, use of offensive slurs, and persistent derailing. I will not silence people for disagreeing with me, so long as they disagree in a civilized fashion. If you attempt to claim that I am abridging your right of free speech, I will laugh at you once and provide a link to an explanation of what free speech is; after that, I will probably be less patient. This is my internet house, and I'd like to keep it tidy.

Published works:

Warrior -- Warner Books, 2006, reissued by Orbit Books, 2008
Witch -- Warner Books, reissued by Orbit Books, 2006

Onyx Court
Midnight Never Come -- Orbit Books, 2008
In Ashes Lie -- Orbit Books, 2009
A Star Shall Fall -- Tor Books, 2010
With Fate Conspire -- Tor Books, 2011

Lies and Prophecy -- Book View Cafe, 2012

Memoirs of Lady Trent
A Natural History of Dragons -- Tor Books, 2013

. . . and a lot of short stories I'm not going to type in here.
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